Our Mission

AFIT-PAC is the only political action committee in the country that was founded by dealers, is run by dealers, and protects the free trade interests of our dealerships. We are the political voice for international auto dealers nationwide. We fight the threat of protectionist trade barriers and promote the free trade interests of our dealers by supporting the campaigns of candidates for Congress who share our philosophy of free and open trade.

A Message from Our Chairman

I am honored to be serving as Chairman of AFIT-PAC for the 2019-2020 House and Senate election cycle.

This is a critical time for the international nameplate automobile dealers in the United States.   Never before have we seen so many trade threats to our businesses.  I took on this leadership position since I realized it wasn’t someone else’s responsibility to protect our livelihoods and those of our associates – it is all of our responsibility, so I know you will join me in this fight.

Over the past 28 years, AFIT-PAC has beaten back many serious trade threats to our industry – most recently the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT), which was a discriminatory tax policy.  Currently we are facing a trade threat which comes in the form of proposed tariffs as high as 25%.  AFIT-PAC continues to meet these challenges head on.

AFIT-PAC was founded as a single-issue, free trade PAC.  Our mission was and continues to be the election of free traders at the Federal level and not at the Presidential or State level. AFIT-PAC provides political support for Senators and Representatives who believe that free trade is good for automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers, and the American consumer.

As a dealer, you would never consider leaving your dealership uninsured. AFIT-PAC continues to be the best insurance you have against being legislated out of business.  It’s really that simple.

It makes good business sense, and it makes good political sense.  Please join me today by supporting AFIT-PAC.


Joe O’Brien