AFIT-PAC: Automotive Free International Trade PAC
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F: 703.684.8920
Automotive Free International Trade Political Action Committee

Founded twenty years ago by auto dealers, AFIT-PAC is the political voice for international auto dealers throughout the country. AFIT-PAC promotes the free trade interests of international auto dealers by supporting the political campaigns of candidates for Congress who believe in free trade.

From the Chairman
AFIT-PAC was founded to promote a single issue—free international trade and it continues to embrace and promote that principle today. Free trade and open markets have made the U.S. the world’s most competitive market place for motor vehicles. The winners from this competition have been the automobile dealers that retail cars and trucks and the American consumer who has enjoyed the greatest selection of world-class vehicles at the most competitive prices.

Electing Members of Congress who embrace our philosophy of free and open trade is a responsibility that all of us share. As the current AFIT-PAC Chairman I am hoping you will continue to support the PAC and I look forward to working with you during the 2017-2018 election cycle.
Joe O'Brien
Fritz Hitchcock
Chairman - City of Industry, CA
AFIT-PAC  is the only political action committee in the country that was founded by dealers, is run by dealers, and looks out for the free trade interests of our dealerships. Click here to contribute.
AFIT-PAC was critical to providing me the resources to get elected to Congress. As a second generation owner/operator and past PAC supporter, I plan to speak up on Capitol Hill on behalf of our industry. - Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA)
AFIT-PAC continues to be one of the most proactive and effective organizations on Capitol Hill, making sure that my colleagues and I understand the concerns of the dealers and the international auto industry in these ever-changing economic times. - Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)
For more information about the PAC, or to request a candidate contribution,
please contact AFIT PAC's Executive Director, Mary Hanagan at 1-800-234-8748.
In the Washington area, the local number is 703-684-8880.